Read This If You Are New to Vaping

As a beginner you must know few basic things so that it will make easy to use them.

Following are four types of vaporizers that can give you an awesome vape experience.

  1. E-cigarette

This looks very similar to any common cigarette. It contains an e-liquid and a replaceable cartridge. If you have some vaping experience then you can use it conveniently.

  1. Pocket vapes

These are much smaller vaporizers and are portable and also pretty easier to use. They produce much better vape as compared to e-cigarette.

  1. Pen vaporizers

It comes in spherical shape and resemble a pen. Its main parts are battery and atomizer. In the tank, e-liquid is available which contains atomizer that is heated by one battery to produce vape.

  1. Box mod vaporizer

This is much complicated and advanced type of vaporizer. It has large battery box along with a digital screen where you can change its various settings. Those who have longer experience with vaping may prefer to use it.

Kind of e-liquid that you must use

After selecting your vaporizer then you need to select the right e-liquid as per your taste. They usually come in many different flavors. If you are a regular smoker then you may prefer tobacco flavor too.

You can also vary the nicotine amount if you like by choosing your e-liquid.

Are there any kind of vape rules that one must know?

Following are few rules that you may observe:

  • Avoid vaping in restaurants, bars or any private business areas. If any place has restriction to vaping then you must note.
  • You must ask your surrounding people if they have any objection.
  • Since vaping is still in evolving stage and many people are not aware about it. However, as per the study there is no potential health risks found.

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