No prescription is required for obtaining antibiotics from nearly 50% of online sites

Antibiotics are illicitly offered with no prescription via quite a percentage of websites online. Researchers at the London Imperial College examined the actions of twenty supposed ‘online pharmacies’ that UK citizens can access.

For selecting pharmacies for use in the concerned study, the researchers started in a definite way.They typed ‘buy antibiotics online’ in the Google and Yahoo pages. Then, they selected the ten pharmacy openings that were right at the top of the search engines.

What did the researchers check on the sites they selected?

Next, they did a thorough checking of the online pharmacies forseeing

  • Whether they were listed with MHRA
  • If a prescription was necessary for obtaining an antibiotic and
  • If the customer could determine the sort, dose and period of antibiotic given out.

Moreover, the researchers checked if the customer had to offer information on comorbidities, allergies, or pregnancy. They also checked if the online pharmacy offered any particulars of likely detrimental effects ahead of the sale.

What is the requirement for an online medicine retailer?

Regulations require online medicine retailers selling to consumers to register with MHRA & the pharmacy regulator GPhC.

What were the findings of the study?

The outcomes of this study came out in “Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.”It showed that five out of twenty online pharmacies studied showedproperproof of signing with “MHRA” and “GPhC.” They were also the sole ones to demonstrateproof of functioning from within the UK.

These five were online stores of high street pharmacies in the UK. All of them asked for a prescription for the delivery of an antibiotic.

All in all,

  • Nine online pharmacies didn’t ask for a prescription ahead of the purchase – Thus it’s obvious that you can buy antibiotics online without prescription.
  • Six didn’t produce online prescriptions and demandedthe faxing or posting of a prescription ahead of the delivery of antibiotic – As the location of their operating place wasn’t specified, it wasn’t clear if an address would be given.

All in all,

  • Sixteen out of the twenty online pharmacies let clients decide the sort, dosage, and period of antibiotic therapies.
  • Just four of these pharmacies, all based in The UK, resorted to a prescriber-operated way.

The fifth UK-based pharmacy allowed a client-operated process ahead of the time of payment. At this time, thebuyers were guided to an antibiotic selection based on the syndrome that they clicked on.

Nevertheless, this website clarified that a health form must be finished following payment. This would leta GP assess when an individual was right for a specific antibiotic.

Just 30% of these websites required that the consumers finish a health form ahead of purchasing.70% offered information regarding the secure practice of prescription drugs. This included the prospective side effects or unfavorable reactions on bring had with other medicines.


One of the researchers stated these findings to be a real fear. He stated that they raisedsomevital issues concerning antibiotic resistance & patient security with online pharmacies.

Commenting on the finding of this study, experts say that unnecessary antibiotic usage can cause grave side effects on people. It also has a prime impact on broader public health as it increases antibiotic resistance.

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