Men Hair Treatments

Men’s hair differs from women’s hair more than we used to think. It seems it only needs to be washed, dried and lightly laid. Nevertheless, this has its secrets. Your attention – simple rules for hair care for men from well-known NY Hair specialists. Let the hairstyle be perfect!

Men on average tend to wash their hair more often than women, sometimes every time when they shower. After all, men’s hair, as a rule, is shorter, dries faster, and it is easier to wash. Moreover, the scalp of men is more prone to fat. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wash man’s hair not more often than it is objectively necessary for you. Then the water-lipid balance of the scalp is normalized.

Modern shampoos are suitable for frequent washing of male hair. But, by the way, if you like the feeling of freshness in the hair after a shower, you can simply rinse your head with warm water.

You should not use women’s shampoos – they differ not only in packaging and fragrance, but also in the formula. Male hair shampoos are designed to meet the characteristics of male hair and scalp. What are the differences? The scalp of men is more prone to fat, as mentioned above, as well as the appearance of dandruff. But the men’s hair is thicker and stronger, less likely to break and less damaged by staining, discoloration and thermal laying.

New York Barbers recommend to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, treat it with care. During washing, do not rub the strands and scalp with vigorous movements. Shampoo is better to pre-foam in the palms, and then apply to the roots. If the hair is medium length or longer, it does not need to be “washed” with shampoo – just gently pull the foam down and rinse with water. When you dry it, do not rub the strands with a towel, but lightly blot. Using a hair dryer, you should choose a gentle temperature.


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