Winstrol Benefits and Side Effects for Women – Results Speak for Themselves

Anabolic steroids options for women are handful, while male bodybuilders have plethora of alternatives helpful in their bulking and cutting.

Fortunately, Winstrol is highly tolerable and effective for women. Even at low dosages, many females respond well to this steroid.

When can women use Winstrol?

Men incorporate Winstrol in their cutting only. It helps them burn fat, maintain gained lean mass, and harden their muscles. Women’s body reacts differently to DHT, so they can apply it for bulking.

Small boost positions their body in anabolic overdrive, thus an ideal atmosphere is created for muscle toning. Typically, it is found that maximum dose is used for bulking a minimal scale for cutting. Let’s understand the benefits and side effects that are possible with Winstrol.

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Bulking and cutting doses

Dosage of 10 mg/another day serves the purpose of most females well. Winstrol is capable to provide female with significant gain along with ideal diet program and workout routines. However, it is advisable to be cautious about dosing.

Women can use 10 mg/day in their bulking cycle. Both cycles need to be for duration of maximum six weeks. Generally, women do not need stacking of other steroids like men.

Winstrol results for women

Women tolerating 10 mg/daily of Winstrol in are found to gain 15 pounds quality mass in 6 weeks along with strict diet plan and workout routines. With 5 mg/day women’s body fat around 5 pounds can be burnt in few weeks. They can gain hardened physique and toned look.

Use of Winstrol in women can root positive results, but they need to be wise enough to avert negative effects.

Negative effects of Winstrol

Acne – Activity of skin oil glands increases, so pores get clogged easily, thus bacteria buildup increases pimples get formed.

Voice deepening – development of vocal cords due to Winstrol deepens your voice, which gets repaired as soon as you stop the cycle.

Body hair growth – The DHT level increases, which stimulates hair loss and uncharacteristic body hair growth.

Irregular menstrual – Normal level of naturally producing hormone like FSH, LH, progesterone, and estrogen gets imbalanced. It results in irregular menstrual cycle, which gets regained once the usage of Winstrol is stopped

Body changes – With Winstrol women often get leaner and muscular physique. It looks more like a masculine physique including shrunken breasts and few curves. It can also cause enlarged clitoris.

Aggression – Aggression is also experienced with Winstrol.

Women, who notice virilization effects, when they start taking Winstrol need to stop immediately.

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