The 3 Best Ways to Combat a Receding Hairline

Are you struggling with a receding hairline? You are not alone; up to 80% of men suffer from hair loss at some stage of their life. However, you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Here are the top solutions to help you deal with men’s hair loss:

1. Bondi boost

Bondi boost shampoo is a name that will always pop up every time you ask around for receding hairline solutions. The Australian-made hair growth shampoo is designed to transform hair without using any toxic ingredients. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that revitalise the hair shaft.

The shampoo comes with cleansers to protect the scalp from toxic buildup, and it’s made with clean ingredients that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Some key ingredients of the Bondi boost shampoo include Rosemary oil, horsetail extract, peppermint oil, and saw palmetto. It does away with common contagious ingredients like silicons, sulphates, and animal testing products.

How to use

Bondi boost takes pride in its ease of use. Massage a little amount into wet hair, lather, and rinse. Repeat the process until the scalp feels cleansed. Use it together with a growth conditioner for faster results.

Use Bondi boost three times a week for optimum results. However, if you suffer from massive hair loss, then daily use is recommended. When used appropriately, user can expect results within a few weeks.

2. Watermans

Are you looking for a foolproof hair loss solution? One of your best solutions is Waterman’s shampoo and conditioner set. Made in the UK, the hair products are sulphate-free and rejuvenate dry hair to restore the body and fullness in your receding hairline.

The set comes with hair growth-stimulating protein that protects and strengthens the hair follicles. It improves hair growth faster by ensuring proper circulation on the scalp. When using Watermans’ hair loss solutions, you can always look forward to fuller, cleaner, and well-nourished hair.

The pack is suitable for a wide range of hair types; European, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern hair. It works exceptionally for curly hair and strengthens afro hair.

Some ingredients in Waterman’s hair loss solutions include; lupine protein, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, sodium starch, and several other healthy ingredients.

How to use

Place a small amount of Waterman’s shampoo on wet hair. Thoroughly massage the hair and scalp for a few minutes, then rinse. Apply the conditioner to the hair for its revitalising features. Use daily for optimum results.

3. Nioxin System 2

Nioxin system is another hair loss solution that has proven its worth. The set of three professional hair products amplifies hair structure and prevents hair breakage. This hair product delivers fuller-looking hair to perfection based on an advanced skincare approach. It strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall caused by breakage, and refreshes the scalp for healthier hair.

The Nioxin package comes with a shampoo for removing excess oil, dirt, and other residues from hair and scalp. The therapy conditioner helps hydrate the scalp and hair for the needed hair resilience. The scalp and hair treatment helps in boosting hair volume as it refreshes the scalp.

The Nioxin system 2 is clinically and dermatologically tested for assured quality and safety. Having been in the market for over 30 years, the Nioxin brand has proven to be a worthy brand for thicker, fuller and healthier hair. 

How to use

Using Nioxin is quite straightforward. Thoroughly massage the cleanser shampoo into the scalp and hair, then rinse. Apply the Nioxin conditioner through the hair from the strand to the tips. Rinse thoroughly to remove the product.

Shake the hair treatment for activation, then apply it on the scalp and throughout the hair. Do not rinse.

Use the Nioxin system 2 daily on the scalp and hair for optimum results. Also, consider complementing it with other Nioxin superior hair products like the Nioxin 3D intensive hair booster for long-term results.

Bottom line

Don’t let a receding hairline stand in the way of you having the confidence you deserve. Use the above top-quality products for healthier and fuller hair. They all work for hair resilience and ensure healthier and thicker hair within the first few weeks of use.

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