Signs of depression which you may not realize – Staying aware of behavioral tweaks

Due to the fact that depression affects increasingly large numbers of people, they’re often called the common cold of mental health. The CDC or the Centers for Disease Control predicts that there are almost 20 million people in the US who are bound within the shackles of depression. Reports reveal that at one point of their lives, 10-25% of the women and 5-10% of men find themselves to have acquired clinical depression. The tenacity of the job market and the sputtering economy won’t help as depression is pulling down an entire generation.

Denial from accepting that you are depressed and ignorance are not the two ways in which you can treat depression. Doctors say that when you finally own up your sadness, you can kick it off right away. Apart from conducting the depression quiz by Dr. Stacey Lebowitz-Levy, here are few ways in which you can detect depression early and combat it.

  • You suddenly feel fearless or over-confident

There are many, specifically the over-achievers who tend to cope with depression by reacting in ways which is totally opposite to what they feel within. They tend to involve themselves in daredevil feats, whether suddenly quitting a high paying job or acquisition of a rival company or any other step that they take in order to feel invincible. When depression is not born from biochemical imbalances, there is a constant feeling of helplessness and lack of control. This is when such high achievers hate the feeling and try to fight it by taking action.

  • You suddenly drink more

There are many for whom alcohol is the ultimate medicine to fight depression. It seems to be the ultimate panacea to all their mental worries. In fact, it has been seen that drinking alcohol is the most common tactic which people take to handle emotional pain on their own. But they don’t realize the fact that the step that you’re taking to beat depression will finally make you contend with 2 disorders rather than one.

  • Conflicts soon end up in fights

One of the most common and dumbest ways of combating the feeling of depression is to show people that you’re nobody’s game. This is when you run over the bastard off the road, you engage in a fight at the highway and when small conflicts escalate into big fights. It is only when you’re lucky that you will get enough bruises that can shift your emotional pain to physical pain.

Therefore, if you find yourself reacting in a strange manner, you can be sure that you’re suffering from depression. Get help of an expert counselor whenever needed.

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