Are you torn between more than one marijuana strain or wondering the right marijuana strain for you? First off, you need to understand that marijuana strains differ vastly from each other in terms of the effects they produce. Marijuana dispensaries provide a wide variety of marijuana strains and marijuana-infused products, each with distinct effects. Determining the best strain for your individual needs is an overwhelming puzzle, especially for beginners.

Thankfully, you can determine the right marijuana strain for you in these simple steps.

What effects do you desire?

Before you proceed to buy marijuana, it is best to understand what you want to achieve from the product. People smoke marijuana for different reasons. While some go for recreational marijuana to enjoy an energetic high during a night out, others use medical marijuana to relieve pain, tension, stress, or anxiety. Others smoke pot to enjoy a relaxed evening on the couch. First, define the effects you are after in marijuana to go after the related strains.

Measure your tolerance

There’s no shortcut here; you need to give weed at least one try to gauge your tolerance. You can purchase any weed product you prefer in a marijuana dispensary Los Angeles from smokable buds to edibles, vapes, and oils. Take a puff and wait for 15 to 30minutes to gauge how you react to a specific amount of THC. If that doesn’t give the desired effect, try two in the next attempt. 

Note that if you consume marijuana orally like in edibles, you have to wait longer, at least three hours, to experience the effects before taking your next dose. That is to prevent any chances of an overdose. The amount of THC you consume is more important than the THC levels in the product. So take note of the THC amount you consume to gauge your tolerance levels.

Look for the relevant strains.

When you define your desired effect in marijuana, it becomes easier to look for the relevant strains. If purchasing it in an LA dispensary, a budtender can help you choose your desired strain depending on your needs. For instance, if getting high is not a priority, your budtender can guide you towards strains with higher CBD levels and low THC. Thankfully you can research online and learn about the different marijuana strains and their impacts to have an idea of the relevant strains to look for.

What are your preferred aroma and flavors in cannabis?

Every cannabis strain has a unique aroma that makes it different from the other. Terpenes are the components that determine the scent of a particular strain. The common ones include:

  • Myrcene- herbal flavor
  • Linalool- floral
  • Pinene- woody
  • Humulin- earthy
  • Caryophyllene- spicy
  • Ocimene- floral

If the cannabis smells good, you are most likely to feel good smoking it.

Some trial and error are necessary.

When you find the type of cannabis and terpenes that appeal to you, look for cannabis strains with the same profiles and try them as you determine your tolerance levels. Also, stick to a reliable dispensary for more consistent results from the weed you buy in the future.

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