Brief Discussion on the Different Back Pain Treatment Options

Pain can be a result of nerve problems, arthritis, diseases like cancers, lifting something too heavy, bending in the wrong way. There can be many other causes for the occurrence of pain. If you are a patient and suffering from intense pain then it best to consult a doctor, book an appointment with the pain doctor and get your condition treated.

If you are suffering from back pain then the treatment suggested by the pain doctor depends on the cause of pain. There can be medical, therapeutic, surgical, home-based remedies for alleviating pain. The pain doctors help the patients to manage pain efficiently.

Various Remedies for Back Pain

The different remedies for back pain are mentioned as follows:-

Anti-inflammatory drugs

There are anti-inflammatory drugs like NSAID, naproxen, ibuprofen that helps in treating pain, alleviating it. However, the different allopathic pain killers have potential side-effects. Therefore, these medicines should be consumed after thorough consultation with the doctor.  

Ice and heat

Using ice and heat at the location of pain helps to alleviate pain. This is a home remedy. However, if the pain is caused because of a particular disease like cancer then this remedy proves to be ineffective.

Exercises and stretches

If you are suffering from back pain then you need to do exercises gently. Gentle exercises, walking, stretch help to stabilize your spinal cord and prevent muscular imbalances. If you have a bad back then try practising yoga as it can be immensely helpful to get rid of back pain without any side-effects.

Positive thinking

If you are suffering from back pain then try to think positive. The cognitive behavioural therapy is useful to recognize as well as reframe negative thoughts. Deep breathing also helps you to get rid of dark thoughts, alleviate pain.

Other Back Pain Treatment Options

If back pain is not responding to home therapies then it is important for you to consider other treatment options.

Following are a few back pain treating options:-


If back pain persists then the pain doctor can advise you to take medications like muscle relaxants, certain creams and ointments, cortisone shots. However, the application and use of these medicines have harmful side-effects on the human body.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy helps the patient to manage back pain.

Alternative Medicines

Alternative medicines like acupuncture, treatment massages, osteopathic as well as chiropractic therapies are immensely useful in treating painful conditions.

Patients suffering from pain can avail the services of qualified and experienced pain doctors, online. The different pain doctors maintain websites where they highlight the services they offer to the patients. If you are a patient suffering from painful conditions then visit and get your pain treated.

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