Alcohol Rapid Detox in Michigan

Alcohol is one of the most available things you can get addicted to. It depends on the country, but there are studies that prove that almost every alcoholic discovered it when they were teenagers. After we notice how it release us from stress we are getting used to it whenever we feel some kind of social, work, or other types of stress. Because we discovered it in young age, it is harder to get rid of it later.

Because you can find it in every corner, it is easy to get back to it. It’s not a long process when it comes to alcohol than other drugs, but you have to be mentally very strong. There are many methods to do detoxification for alcohol addicts, but for every method, the first 48 hours are the worst. The bad thing is that you can go back to it very easily. It is better to have supervision, so joining groups and checking out other techniques like going through a rapid detox in Michigan.

Stage one of detoxification

When you begin your detox journey, you need to know that it will start really fast than most people think. Depending on when you had your last drink and what time of the day the process can start up to 8 hours after the drink. In many cases, you won’t realize it, but if you drink every day you usually experience alcohol withdrawal frequently.

A lot of people describe this stage as very hard because it is the beginning and there is a strong anxiety sense that will wash over you. Because you won’t have any alcohol in your system after 8 hours, you will be forced to manage the anxiety that will feel like it’s going through the whole body. One of the symptoms that follow almost every addict is trouble sleeping.

It may help to know that going to sleep or taking a nap won’t even help. You might find it almost impossible to do it without any alcohol in your system. When you decide to quit drinking you will feel nauseous in the beginning. Another symptom is discomfort in the stomach area or abdominal pain. It is easy to overcome one thing but when they pile up and you feel everything at once it is harder to manage. Read more here.

One to three days after last drink

After one to three days after your last drink, the second stage of alcohol withdrawal starts. The bad thing is that you can experience the symptoms that you had in the beginning. With that portion of stress, your temperature will increase and the blood pressure will rise. Sweat is the usual sign in the second stage.

Because of the blood pressure and temperature, your heart rate will be unusual. The situation becomes worse if the person panics because of these symptoms. The only good thing when someone is going through this period is a better focus they will have. Even if you are focused you won’t be able to piece together clear sentences or thoughts, also the mind will appear foggy. Medical assistance is very important in these stages because they will know what to do in certain situations. A lot can go through addict mind, so you have to know how to control the situation.

Third stage of detoxification

Stage three is the last stage you have to overcome in order to be on the right path. The good thing is that you won’t experience most of the signs you had in stage one and two, but the bad thing is that stage three is the worst. Many people don’t know that you can have hallucinations if you are an alcoholic. It is hard to explain this symptom, but depending on how addicted a person is, hallucinations can be stronger or weaker.

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If the addiction is very strong, seizures can happen at some point and a normal thing is to get a bad fever. This is why it is important to have professionals monitoring the person. You can’t know how bad it is going to get until the signs appear after a few days. You will know that you are at the third stage when you constantly feel agitated. It isn’t pleasant to watch someone going through this period.

What to do after detox?

The great thing when it comes to alcohol detoxification is that it doesn’t last long. After a few days you can see some signs of recovery and after a week most of the people will show no alcohol withdrawal. The overall process is going to last a life team because after physical therapy you need to stay mentally strong if you don’t want to get back to the addiction. There are sessions you can go to and you will decide afterward if you can handle it by yourself after a professional gives you their opinion. These sessions can last for a couple of weeks if they are done correctly.

Why get professional help?

There are some successful attempts to do alcohol detox by themselves, but the risk comes when they have been drinking a larger amount for a longer period of time. Some of the biggest problems occur when they start hallucinating, shaking, which medical staff knows to manage properly. This happens when the central nervous system and the brain bounces back too quickly after being under the influence of alcohol for a long time.

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