Advantage of vaping over smoking

E-cigarettes are originally designed as a replacement for cigarettes.  Vaping technique is the same – use the nicotine to exhale, yet in an advanced way. Though some affirm that vaping is dangerous to health, the majority of the users believe that it also has some health benefits, compared to smoking a traditional cigarette.

Listed are some of the key benefits of vaping over smoking

Vaping is a safer option

Vaping does not include the process of combustion. Neither does vape have the tar or ash production associated with it.

Vaping is also considered as hygiene. The overall health of the body gets improved with a better sense of smell and taste, and lung capacity when a person switches from traditional smoking to vaping devices.

Vaping does not cause any addiction like the cigarette. And this is one of the key reasons that smokers tend to switch over to vaping.

Vaping helps to control the nicotine intake

Vaping helps to control the intake of nicotine level. The e-liquid used in the vape devices are available in various strengths ranging from nicotine-free to high strength nicotine The user tends to begin with high nicotine level but during the process of quitting the nicotine intake they can gradually reduce the and lower the nicotine levels and then even eliminate it for better health improvement

Vaping can control the cloud output

Vaping also helps to control the vapour produced. Smaller devices such as vape pods are specially manufactured in the way to produce lesser vapour. Hence, the output of the vapour can be controlled while using vape pods. Alternatively,  the high powered mods help in higher cloud chasing.

Availability of a wide range of flavours

The choice of e-juice in the market is endless. In addition, there are still newer flavours produced apart from the fruits, desserts, foods, menthol, beverages and tobacco every month. The vaper can try any flavour of their choice and taste buds needs.

Vapes are affordable compared to the cigarette

Vapour products are available in different price ranges. This is to ensure that vape can be purchased by anyone who is trying to quit smoking.

Another reason for the lowered price is to help the chain smokers quit the habit and shift to vaping, which is considered the healthiest option than cigarette smoking.

With the increase in users and expansion of the vape market the competition is also higher now. Very brands compete with each other to offer the best quality product at a much affordable price to ensure they have the increased sales. From disposable e-cigarettes to modern vape mods are now available for users are different price ranges. Check vape shop for a wide range of collections we have for you to buy online at a much affordable price in the market.

Vapes are mild in odour

Most non-smokers hate the odour of smoking cigarettes. Smoking the traditional cigarette even leaves an unpleasant odour on anything they touch, including the clothes they wear. Vaping is available with mild odour.

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