Top 4 Myths about Laser Hair Removal Busted

Laser hair removal is a high-tech method to get rid of undesired hair for good. It utilises cutting-edge tools, which several people still do not completely understand and follow. Confusion can lead to conjectures, and opinions which can result in myths that have no logical explanation.

Ignorance and assumptions for laser hair removal has existed for a while now. There are several myths about this approach that numerous people still hold on to. Because of their delusions regarding laser hair removal, it prevents them from going for this procedure. Moreover, it hinders them from perceiving a flawless, hair-free skin. In this blog, we will discuss in brief the four prime myths that hover regarding laser hair removal.

  • People with dark skin cannot have laser hair removal: People who have dark skin can also undergo laser hair removal. Several years back, technologies for laser hair removal restricted inclinations when it comes to managing hair. Laser hair removal procedure works by targeting the color of the hair. Therefore, it’s essential that the colour of the skin is lighter so that it will be easy for the laser to target. Nevertheless, laser devices many years ago have technologically advanced since then.
  • Laser hair removal can’t be performed on the face: Laser hair removal can be performed on the face. In reality, one of the most traditional treatment areas for this system is the upper lip and the beard area. Facial hair can be removed with laser hair removal. The myth that states laser procedures cannot be executed on facial hair may have originated with the idea that laser can only treat thick and dark hairs.
  • Laser Hair Removal can induce cancer: One of the greatest misunderstandings about laser hair removal is that it’s the reason for cancer. Trust me, it’s not! Laser hair removal is certified by the FDA and has experienced trials and examinations to assure that it’s harmless for people. Besides, it does not release toxic radiation that induces damage to your tone or body.
  • Laser hair removal is extremely unpleasant: It’s apparently the most convenient method to get rid of body hair. In reality, it’s essentially painless. Modern laser devices are equipped with mechanisms to make this treatment less unpleasant. In some of the body parts, you can hardly feel the heat of the laser. On the other hand, the overall explanation for the feeling of the laser over the skin is similar to the snap of a rubber band. A soothing and numbing lotion is administered to the patient’s skin ahead of the procedure. This also works with the system to make it more relaxed and to lessen the discomfort for people who have a low pain threshold.

Laser Hair Removal technology has advanced now and people can trust the procedure. Hair removal is one of the important aspects for women and what can be better than a painless method to get rid of your unwanted hair.

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