Thyroid Supplementation: An Extremely Important Matter to Discuss

It’s very important for many people to keep their thyroid’s condition in check. Everyone is at risk of thyroid disorders as it’s also susceptible to damage over time, especially as we age. Remember that the thyroid has a very important function of regulating the body’s numerous metabolic functions and processes. Thyroid disorders can greatly affect this function, as well as the main appearance and structure of your thyroid.

Types of Thyroid Disorders

To raise more awareness regarding thyroid disorders, you need to learn what are the types of thyroid disorders first.


One of the most common disorders is hypothyroidism. This results in an insufficient release of thyroid hormone and can also cause issues on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Symbols of hypothyroidism include fatigue, dry skin, a cold sensation, loss of concentration, muscle and joint pain, constipation, and even depression.


Another common disorder is hyperthyroidism. It is the exact opposite of hypothyroidism wherein the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone. There may be no symptoms if the ailment is mild. But severe hypothyroidism can cause tremors, fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, and fatigue.

Goiter and Thyroid Nodules

Swelling and abnormal enlargements on your throat area may also be caused by thyroid disorders. Goiter is also a common thyroid disorder wherein the thyroid gland enlarges. However, Goiter may be caused by hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. But there are also times where it’s naturally caused by thyroid functions. Another type of disorder is thyroid nodules that can be caused by tumors, cancers, and cysts on the thyroid area. These can be large or numerous.

The Right Treatment

Fortunately, we live in an age where science is researching and developing products for supplementation. Even thyroid condition can be maintained and improved using supplements made by natural desiccated thyroid brands. These products contain numerous benefits that can alleviate any issue on your thyroid. Here are some of its wonderful benefits.

Maintains Your Weight

An ongoing research states that fat loss can be improved if the thyroid is in a good condition. Take note that our thyroid function starts to slow down over time, resulting in increased amount of fat. That’s why combining thyroid supplements with the right exercise can help you manage your weight.

Great for The Mind and Energy

Thyroid disorders have the capability of causing fatigue, resulting in poor brain functionality. Loss of concentration is one of the top symptoms of an unhealthy thyroid as well. Studies conducted to the thyroid gland shows that T4 and T3 – two known hormones released by the thyroid. The study used patients wherein they received T4 and T3 treatment rather than T4 only. The result shows that the patients gained focus and energy as the patients did their respective works.

Improves Heart Health

There is a study which shows that Hcy levels can cause heart problems at a worse caliber than high cholesterol levels. Low thyroid hormone production can lead to high Hcy levels – resulting in various cardiovascular diseases. A different study monitored the cholesterol and HCY level of patients who got their thyroid gland removed. IT showed that both levels were increasing. But when the experts gave thyroid supplementation to the patients, it normalized the levels in one month and two weeks. This just proves that thyroid supplementation plays a huge role in keeping your heart completely healthy as well. Our thyroid can be removed but note that serious side effects may occur if that were to happen. So rather than removing it, why not provide it with the right supplements to keep it in proper condition. After all, our metabolism plays a huge part in keeping our health at bay. That’s why the thyroid should always stay in-tact on our body for us to have a stable lifestyle all the time.

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