Foods to Avoid for a Better Brain Health

A healthy brain is akeyrequirement to function properly in all ways. Our brain sends signals to various other organs of the body so that the organs work to keep us alive. This is a reason enough to take care of the brain. While it matters as to what nutrients you give your brain, you should equally be aware of the kinds of food you should be avoidig so that your brain keeps functioning well. Here’s a list of foods that you should beavoiding if you want to take good care of your brain and keep it healthy in a longer run.

Trans Fats

Trans fats are the bad fats that are capable of blocking your arteries by forming a layer. This is how the blood flow gets disrupted. When trans fats get accumulated in the arteries of your brain, the same will happen in your brain. As a result, the blood flow causes a delay in various cognitive functions, like thinking, processing, etc. Also, in a longerrun, you might lose your memory sooner and be more susceptible to conditions, like dementia. If you ask what kind of foods high amounts of trans fats have, it would mostly be fried food, like fries. If you avoid eating such food, you can keep away from the clogging of your arteries.

Preserved Foods

Just as convenient as frozen foods and preserved foods seem, they are packed with risk factors for your brain. Frozen and preserved foods are treated with nitrates. This is why they last for a long time which in turn brings more profit to the companies that sell them. Nitrates directly affect the cognitive functions and also make you more prone to having cancer since they are carcinogenic. Next time when you hit the grocery, do check if the food product contains nitrates. If so, it is a clear sign that you should stay away from them.


We have all been hearing so much about gluten being one of the worst things to consume. While nutrients, like carbs, fats, minerals are all essentially needed by the body to function, gluten is not one of them. Your body does not require any amounts of gluten. Moreover, feeding gluten to your body would only cause many problems associated with the gut and conditions, like brain fog. This is to say that you would be doing a fair deed to your brain by saying a firm no to glutens.

Artificial sweeteners

Chemical and artificial sweeteners are yet another risk factor for your brain. Having a good count of healthy bacteria in your gut is essential for the brain to be healthy as well. Most people get attracted to Splenda- chlorinated sugar because it tastes amazingly sweet and still does not add any calories to your body. However, that is because it does not get absorbed. It goes to the gut and ends up killing good bacteria in the gut; thus, hindering healthy cognitive functions.

Since our brain takes care of most of the bodily functions, it is only fair to have foods that improve memory and concentration rather than punishing your brain by having brain-degrading foods.

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