As one of the most viral sexual disorder which is affecting men worldwide, Erectile dysfunction can destroy a man’s ego and destroy lots of relationships, these shows how important and effective it is to be sexually active in a relationship. This is not a permanent condition, but a temporary condition but avoiding to take to treat or to go see the doctor can make it permanent. Erectile dysfunction is a state where an individual has difficulty in keeping or having an erection, this is common among men between the ages of 35 to 70 years.

Erectile dysfunction is not a condition to think its normal or to ignore. Erectile dysfunction plays a very vital role which impacts a man’s life negatively, whereby it affects his self-confidence and gives him a low self-esteem. If this is not treated promptly, Erectile dysfunction may have a devastating aftermath on man’s personal and social life. The good news is Erectile Dysfunction can be treated.

As research has it in record, the chances of developing this condition shoots up according to age, and we have it that approximately 50{d84ed67812836a7ab8b0617f44fd8ae984b59c5481e2fe1cc6dda6a4410ac05d} of men who are above the age of 35 years have issues with their erection, ignoring the age with which you can have an erection problem, there are other factors which may be the cause of the Erectile dysfunction looking at the lifestyle factor, it has the high possibilities of increasing the risk of Erectile Dysfunction, individuals who are under stress are likely also to develop Erectile Dysfunction.

Other Factors

  • Smoking: the adverse of smoke greatly affects the circulation of blood, and with this, thesmoker has the high chance to develop an Erectile Dysfunction more than those who do not smoke.
  • Alchohol: What most people do not know about taking alcohol is that even though it provokes desires but the main thing Is that it has depressing effects on the nerves which at the end of the day interfere with the ability to get anerection, taking away your performance.
  • Drug Addiction: according to research getting addicted to illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine etc has been said to have great negative effects with anerection.

Other factors which can greatly affect a man’s erection includes:

Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Surgery, Medications, Mental Disorders E.g. Depression, Injury spine and so many others including Hypertension.

There are some medications with which when taken into the body, it has a lot of effects on getting an erection, these drugs fall into the following categories: High blood pressure, Medications, Anti-Depressants, Diuretics and some drugs used to treat cancer.

It is highly advisable to visit the doctor if you suspect that there is a problem with your erection be it a result of medication or your social lifestyle. Consult your doctor for further steps which may lead to stopping the medication as prescribed by the doctor. An alternative drug may be prescribed which may be less likely to interfere with an erection.You can also read more information about Kаmаgrа100 mg. Most of all it is important to know that Erectile Dysfunction is treatable.

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