Enhancing your Walking Pace in Easy Steps

You should be concerned about your health. It would be imperative that you should be exercising daily. Regular exercise should be done for maintaining the overall healthy lifestyle. However, not all people would be able to maintain the regular walking lifestyle, especially when they tend to get older. In event of you looking forward to keeping up with your friends and loved ones, you may falter on your walking needs. AARP brings forth five tips to help you speed up your steps.

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  1. Try taking short strides: It would be imperative that you take short strides. Most people would be of the opinion that long strides would help them walk quickly. However, that may not be the right belief. It would slow you down, as the long strides taken would make your foot land in an outstretched position. The process would act as a brake to slow you down. On the other hand, shorter strides would help you walk quickly.
  2. Try to push off your toes: Your best bet to walk quickly would be to push off your toes rather than pushing with your back foot. When pushing with your toes, you would be giving yourself the requisite boost into your next step.
  3. Try to keep your posture straight: It would be imperative that you should look forward to keeping the right posture while walking. Instead of bending your shoulders down, you should look forward to keeping the head high and back straight. It would quicken your pace.
  4. Try to bend your arms: Ensure to bend your arms and keep the rocking motion. It would enhance your momentum.
  5. Try to squeeze and engage: You should squeeze your glut and engage your core to help you walk quickly and strengthen your muscles.

You should change your exercise routine after seeking confirmation from your doctor. For more information, you should log on to Acorn Stairlifts.

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