Canceling ValueMags Promotions

One of the many reasons why you may be receiving a ValueMags promotional magazine is because they are partnered with many other online stores. Often times, when individuals purchase on one of their partnering stores, online shoppers do not realize that there are little boxes they need to check off or even read the fine print. With any online purchase it is important that individuals read all of their terms and conditions before purchasing. As a result of this consumer behavior habit, ValueMags is receiving complaints that they are sending magazines to anyone. However, their partners are simply adding their promotional magazines to the purchase made at their online-store. Through all of these complications, it is important that ValueMags understands regular consumer habits. At the same time, consumers need to be informed about the structure of the ValueMags organization. Moreover, clients need to be assured that ValueMags does not have their information, billing and personal such as address. ValueMags simply sends promotional magazines to the companies they are partnered with and they send the promotional magazine with whatever their clients have purchased.

ValueMags is structured to market and distribute. Their primary receivers are their partners and then their clients. If individuals are getting direct orders from ValueMags, it is because they have explicitly order the magazine. It is possible that orders were an accident but very unlikely. Also, ValueMags does not auto renew their orders.

ValueMags offers many services for individuals to cancel their orders and subscriptions. By contacting the company on their official website, individuals can request that the company take them out of all of their systems. However, clients need to be advised that when they purchase from other companies, they need to read the fine print, checking off the box that says “No Attached Promotional Items”. ValueMags is working hard to inform their direct clients and their partners to inform their clients. For more information about how to contact ValueMags about canceling an order, contact them using the link provided above.

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