How can you manage to get rid of vertigo?


Vertigo is being caused by different factors. Most of the time, the treatment that you will get will always depend on the cause of the condition. Whatever might work for one patient might not be successful for another. That is why numerous kinds of treatment can be used in treating spinning sensation or the feeling of dizziness. In severe cases, doctors are always forced to operate on the patient but that is just in rare cases. Sometimes vertigo also goes away on its own without the need for any medication or treatment. Treatment can range from medication or surgery or exercises. You are not in a position to determine the kind of vertigo treatment near me that is suitable for you. You must let your doctor determine what will work with you. To get rid of vertigo, here is what you can do

Go for therapy

The first thing that you can do to solve your vertigo condition is through going to therapy. Different kinds of therapy can be done to improve inner ear issues and balance as well. Through this therapy, the brain will get used to the idea of using each other’s senses. A common sense that can be utilized is the visual sense. The exercises being offered are always customized. This is very important to help meet individual health needs. The exercise may include balance training, eye and head movement, and other common maneuvers depending on what is causing you to have vertigo. This kind of rehabilitation is always performed on outpatients. It can also be done in a hospital or even a home setting.

Epley maneuver

Epley maneuver is also known as canalith repositioning is a treatment technique that involves a series of body movements and head movements. The main reason for this treatment is to make sure that the fluid-filled semicircular canals crystals in the inner ear of the patient are moved to a different place or area. This is very important so that the crystals are absorbed by the body. Canalith repositioning includes sitting on an exam table with your head turned 45 degrees faces to the right side and your eyes open.  You can then lie on your back very quickly as the head is hanging off the table ends. Your doctor will then come in by turning your head 90 degrees to the left side. This is done while you rotate your body in the same direction. You then sit on the left side of the exam table and repeat the same procedure. This kind of treatment can be done by a vertigo specialist los angeles


Apart from rehabilitation and therapy, you can also use medication that will target the symptoms or the cause of the condition. Medication has worked for many patients especially those who experience vertigo that lasts for hours or days. Those people with Meniere’s disease can benefit a lot from taking medication that can help their body get rid of excessive water and salt. A good example is diuretics. For the best results, look for vertigo los angeles specialists

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