Levitra and Alcohol

Whether Levitra is compatible with alcohol. For more information about the effects of Levitra on the body when drinking alcohol – in the article.

Since Generic Levitra belongs to the same group of drugs with Viagra, the question arises whether Levitra can be taken with alcohol? How different is the reaction of this drug to alcoholic beverages from analogs?

In the case of Viagra, there is a limit in the amount of alcohol consumed. So, if an adult man with a healthy cardiovascular system wants to combine alcohol with a sexual pill, he can afford no more than 40 ml of alcohol. If translated into types of beverages, the rate will be: 100 ml of whiskey, 700 ml beer and 500 ml of wine. Restriction in the volume of alcohol is necessary in order not to cause side effects and to achieve the desired result from taking the pill. In a situation where generic Levitra is combined with alcohol, the rules of use are similar.

Compatibility Levitra and Alcohol

With reasonable amounts of alcohol consumed and adequate doses of the drug, Levitra is compatible with alcohol. As a rule, the optimal dose is determined in consultation with the doctor, based on the individual characteristics of the organism. On average, a healthy man weighing from 80 to 90 kilograms can safely consume 150 grams of vodka. This is also in proportion to two glasses of 500 ml each, two glasses of wine 250 ml each. However, the amounts listed are conditional, which means they can still cause a failure of the drug action.

The influence of Levitra on the body along with alcohol

Levitra and alcohol should be combined with each other in extreme cases and in minimal doses. In addition to the abuse of alcohol can lead to serious complications. So, among the consequences are:

  • interruptions in the work of the heart due to the increased load on the cardiovascular system;
  • dizziness;
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • disruption of the liver.

In other words, between two pleasures, which mean sexual intercourse or drinking, you have to choose, or at least make restrictions. Planning to spend the evening, having sex in which the erection will be supported by Levitra, drinking is better to avoid or minimize it. If the desire to drink an alcoholic drink is not satisfied with the minimum acceptable dose, plans with the participation of Levitra should be abandoned, since it is impossible to predict how its use will affect the body.

Differences Cialis from Levitra

The most obvious distinctive difference is the duration of action. Cialis works up to 36 hours, Levitra only – 8 hours. In general, Cialis is prescribed at a dosage of 5 mg for course administration. You take it on 1 tablet per day and after a course of 1-2 months you can forget about such a problem as erectile dysfunction.

With Levitra, the situation is the same, but it is more suitable for older people or those who have chronic diseases. Vardenafil, which is part of it, practically does not cause any side effects, since 10 mg is enough for a good stable erection.If your insurance does not cover this medication and you are worried about paying the full Levitra cost out of pocket, print or download your free Levitra coupon from rx24drugs site now.

Levitra can also be taken on a 5 mg course, but mostly it is prescribed immediately before sexual intercourse. Due to this, the man not only improves erection, but also improves the sensitivity of the penis head, there is confidence before sex, sex becomes several times brighter, blood circulation in the pelvic area improves.

Important notes

Do not exceed the daily dosage of 40 mg for both drugs. This will not give a pronounced increase in effect, but will cause more severe side effects. According to numerous reviews, enough dosages of 5 – 10 mg per day. Also, do not take the drug for more than 1 – 2 months regularly, as you may get used to the active substance. It will be not physical, but psychological addiction.

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