How to Decide on a Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

Are you considering going under the knife? If yes, then you must go through the following points:

  1. Read Reviews

This is very important. You must read a lot of reviews and testimonials prior to deciding on meeting a surgeon. The process should be considered as a serious task which should be completed before actually meeting the surgeon face to face. True reviews will help you and your family.

  1. Check Credentials

It is better to check the credentials of a plastic surgeon prior to coming face-to-face with them. Make double sure they check off all of the important boxes that inform you the surgeon and his staff is fully qualified and armed to perform your desired procedure. Know about the qualifications of the surgeon and number of years he has been in the industry. For more information on credentials of surgeons, visit

  1. Ask Questions

You must ask a lot of questions to your surgeon. It is always better to come prepared with a huge list of questions to ask your surgeon (face-to-face). Make sure the surgeon is in no hurry to answer these queries.

  1. Past Work

A good surgeon will never hesitate in showing you pictures of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ surgeries. Have a detailed look at these pictures and get an idea of surgeon’s skills and work quality.

  1. Your Wishes

You must discuss your expectations and desires in detail before finalizing on the process. Make sure the surgeon understands what you say and want. Thereafter, discuss the outcomes, risks, complications, and chances of success.

  1. Clarify Costs

While having an initial consultation with the surgeon, make sure you discuss costs and clarify it in detail. Nothing should go hidden. The surgeon should be able to offer you a clear idea on the cost of surgery and any possibility of the fees getting hiked later. There should be no surprises.

  1. Helpful and Courteous

The surgeon you choose should be very polite and helpful. Also he should have many years of experience with the knife. Ask questions and see if the surgeon seems to be rushed, avoids answering, pressurizes you to undergo a specific procedure, stops you from seeking additional opinions or gives most of the after procedure care to others. If yes, then beware.

Look for red flags such as the surgeon not discussing realistic outcomes. Make sure he lets you know about both pros and cons of the procedure. No procedure is without negative. Your surgeon should let you know about these.

  1. Friendly Staff and Spotless Office

Make sure the staff is friendly and ready to help you. As a patient, you would not want to feel uncomfortable in the environment where you’ll be undergoing the procedure. You certainly don’t want to be in a situation where the staff and doctors make you feel neglected. Nothing within the environment should make you feel anxious or stress. So look carefully for any smell, overall look of the place, behavior/personality of the staff. The place should be spotless and run by a certified and highly qualified plastic surgeon.

  1. Don’t Rush – Listen to your Gut

Do you feel uncomfortable with the doctor? If yes, then it is important that you should think twice before saying yes to the surgery. The surgeon should be able to connect with you, listen to your concerns, needs, and specific aesthetic goals. He should also be able to answer your queries before convincing you to go ahead with the surgery. The relationship you share with the surgeon should be professional without losing that much needed human touch.

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